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Rhapsody on the Rio Grande: A Confluence of Culture
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PBS / KLRN (2017)
This is a story about an original musical composition entitled Rapsodia del Río, which was written by a native South African organist, conducted by an Irish maestro, and performed at Texas A&M International University in Laredo by the culturally diverse Laredo Philharmonic Orchestra and the renowned Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlán de Guadalajara.  It is as much the story about the genesis and performance of an original composition, as it is, too, a story about the culture, history, and identity of Laredo, Texas.
Role: Director / Producer
Run-time: 57 minutes
The Global Warming War
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South House Entertainment (2014)
Diving into climate-science with in depth interviews from climatologists, meteorologists, physicists, authors, and political strategists, "The Global Warming War" sets a new precedent of actual scientific information in the heated debate about our planet's climate. Not motivated by political bias, money, or emotionalism the film looks to find the facts from the experts who spend their lives studying Earth's climate and not politicians with ulterior motivations.
Role: Director / Producer
Run-time: 78 minutes 
Circle Bar (currently in development)
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Role: Director / Producer


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