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About Me

Director. Producer. 
Luke is a director and producer of motion picture and television productions. His experience is in the documentary format and other non-fiction storytelling formats. 
His most recent project is the PBS feature documentary "Rhapsody on the Rio Grande: A Confluence of Culture" (2017).  Broadcasted on PBS stations in Texas and surrounding states in May of 2017.  It has qualified for the 15th Annual Lone Star EMMY Awards taking place in November of 2017.
Luke also directed and produced "The Global Warming War" (2014). Winner of Best Feature Documentary at the 2014 Big Easy International Film Festival.  It received a Royal Reel Award from the Canada International Film Festival (2015) and a Silver Medal from the International Independent Film Awards (2014).  Garnered Official Selections in a number of festivals including, The Mississippi Film and Music Festival (2014), Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival (2014), Bare Bones Film Festival (2015), and Trail Dance Film Festival (2015).  It was also shown at the 12th International Conference on Climate Change in March of 2017.
Luke is currently in development on his third feature-length documentary.
Luke's previous work history includes a couple of short experimental films and production assistant credits dating back to 2009.
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